Raw Limestone

Raw Limestone of Sale

Limestone mine for sale with a limestone deposit/concession covering an area of about 60 square kilometres just close to the capital city of Zambia, it has an estimated reserves of over 50 million tons with close access to Power lines and water is running through the limestone concession as well as a clear road to the city, Initial studies carried out on the rock chippings by ministry of mine geological survey Laboratory showed the concession to have high grade limestone therefore increasing the potential of a cement plant right next door to the market

Market survey carried out in Zambia shows that customer demand from both government and public sector for cement is continually increasing due to the expansion of the construction industry in Zambia which has exceeded 25% per annum for the last 10 years and is poised to increase even higher for the next 20 years. The projected increase in demand is partly resulting from the ambitious infrastructure development projects being spearheaded by the Zambian Government.

Production volumes of cement from the existing local manufacturers does not meet fully the local demand growth for cement in the next 10 years. Current demand for cement on the local market is estimated at 5 million tonnes per annum according to the N.C.C (National Council for Construction). Installed capacity for local production of cement will cover only about 60% of local demand even after commissioning of the 2 million tons per year therefore still needing more for local demand and not forgetting the foreign markets such as Malawi, DR Congo and so on and other demands which include the hydrated lime which is used in the production of copper cathodes and other copper products is in high demand in Zambia and DR Congo, with the ever increasing number of copper production from mines expanding and new ones being constructed. Aggregates are needed for the construction of tarred roads covering 8,000km in Zambia, making the demand for the material is very high.

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